When you think of sensors RADAR systems are not the first technology that comes to mind. But radars systems are sensors and if they can be made small enough and easy to use it a technology that can be applied to many sensing requirements. So Omniradar set out to build small and powerful radar sensor, integrated in a 7×7 mm chip, ready to be used and tested by engineers.
Omniradar builds and delivers integrated radar systems, sensors that can measure distance, speed, presence, height using electro-magnetic microwaves at 60 GHz. The IC’s can be used for a variety of applications for industrial, consumer and automotive markets. Apart from supplying the IC technology Omniradar can also support design and software implementation, either direct or with partners.

We have a development kit so you can start using and experimenting with our sensors, please check below.

Short description of our technology “packed” into our integrated microwave components:


The RIC60A is a radar IC with 1 transmit and 2 receive antennas on silicon, and can handle up to 7GHz bandwidth around the 60 GHz short-range device frequency band, combining the best radar performance in a small package.
The module can be used as speed sensor using the Doppler-effect. In this application, the tune input of the radar is connected to a fixed voltage, and the I (and/or) Q-output directly display the speed of an object. In more advanced applications the module can be used as FMCW radar. A triangular signal is applied to the tune input, and frequency modulates the oscillator. Distance to and speed of objects can be measured by detecting the frequency at the IF-output.
For a target with a radar-cross-section of 1 m2, 15 dB signal-to-noise ratio, and an update rate of 100 ms, the range is 5 m.

Parking sensors, presence detection outdoor and indoor, gesture sensing, distance sensors, gauging, speed sensors for sports, security, automotive…

Development kit

Our development kit consists of a sensor part with the RIC60A version radar, plus support board, allowing our users to connect the radar system directly to a PC and Matlab applications. The kit also includes some sample Matlab code for application development. If you require different algorithms or have new ideas, please let us know so we can help.
The kit can be ordered by sending a mail to Costs for the development kit are 4000 euro ex VAT.